Seven Laws of the Universe

How do you live your fullest potential as the consciousness on the planet shifts?


In the past we have been able to rely on hard work, careful planning, fighting and sweating as we go after what we want in life.


As the energy shifts on the planet some of us are noticing that what we say and think is what we seem to attract.   Most of us have all heard of the law of attraction, the movie The Secret.  Some of us have even tried to bring the law of attraction into our lives by thinking and speaking in more positive ways…and see little or no results. Why?



In order to know the answer to that we need to understand how the universe works.  The universe has no sense of right or wrong, that concept has been created by the human mind.  The universe connects to what each human is vibrating and brings more of the same to them.  So if you are mostly focused on the negative, you will get more of the same. Perhaps you have noticed how some people seem to be really lucky.  Things always go their way.  Pay attention to how they speak, how they move through life and face challenges.  More than likely they are quite optimistic and confident that things will work out.



Let’s look a little closer at the seven laws I feel are most important when trying to manifest your own reality.


1 – What you think and what you say creates your reality- Conscious communication starts with watching your thoughts and words because what you say and what you think creates your reality.


2- Fake it till you make it, but believe it. – To create the future you want you need to think and act as if the life you want is here, now. You need to feel how it would feel if you had already manifested this reality, all day, every day, not just once in a while.


3 – Gratitude- We must feel grateful for everything we have, everything we are doing on a daily basis. Take time each day to sit in gratitude. To feel the emotion of gratitude for all that you have in your life, successes and challenges.   Your general attitude can be “I am extremely satisfied and grateful for everything I have; I just want more.


4 – Karma- Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you do good, you will get good, if you do bad, you will get bad.


5 – Your Intuition is everything – Have you ever experienced a gut feeling and soon after, what you were feeling manifested into reality? This is your intuition. Gut feelings, nagging gentle thoughts to do something, an idea or a person pops into your head and then you hear from them. All intuition. Your intuition is there to guide you towards your destiny, your highest potential.   When we follow our intuition, life flows with ease.


6 – Clear intentions- Once you have access to your intuition you will feel guided to create relationships, jobs, families. In order to create what you want you must be clear on exactly what you want, visualize it, feel it and it will begin to manifest in your life.


7 – Trust- If you have completed the six previous steps then it is time to release your desires out into the universe and trust that like a boomerang, the universe will deliver it to you. If you spend all your time obsessing on your desires, hoping, telling others that you really, really want it, you haven’t released it into the universe. You’re holding on to your desires. Let go. Trust. Receive.


These laws will become a way of life. Following them, will deliver leads us to the life we want.