Therapy & Life Coaching

While many clients seek me out to discover ways to improve their home life, relationships and businesses; others seek me out with mental health concerns. I have learned through my own spiritual journey to serve my clients regardless of their challenges. My background in mental health counseling, life coaching and yogic numerology, ensures that each session cares for your mental, spiritual and physical well-being.
What is a session with Julie like?
As a life coach and therapist, I use numerology as a compass for my clients.
This helps me to understand who they are and what they should be focusing on right now, this year. From there I listen to their story and get a feel for where they are in their life and what they want to focus on, fix, create, break free of.
How does this help my client?
Total transformation! Clients break free of limiting beliefs, while their perspective on how they view their lives changes.
How do I achieve this?
It depends on the client and on their personal challenge. Sometimes we learn and train through the seven laws of the universe, sometimes we need to work through fear, anxiety, depression, trauma or addiction. In these cases we use not only the seven laws but we also access more clinical approaches. We always have to break through limiting beliefs and uncover our true selves.
I have found that helping people quickly and effectively takes intuition. First we rely on my intuition, to show us the way, and then we gain access to the client’s. This is where true transformation comes and with it a new way of looking at one’s life. With this shift, the client becomes the driver of their own life, set on the path to reach their destiny.
Sustaining the Transformation
True consciousness is sustained, not achieved. I suggest clients check in twice annually for a life coaching session which always involves numerology on some level, this helps clients to recalibrate.
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