Therapist & Life Coach

Registered Mental Health Practitioner
In my numerology practice I noticed that some clients were suffering from depression, grief, loss and anxiety. While mental health wasn’t why clients had sought out numerology – some just wanted to improve their home life, relationships, businesses, and grow spiritually – I had learned on my spiritual journey it was imperative for me to serve my clients regardless of their challenges. Another whisper – I needed formal training in therapy. It was time to learn again.
After two years of study; I graduated with a Masters degree in Mental Health Counselling. Throughout my studies I was excited to see how many ways my formal mental health education complimented both my Yogic Numerology and Kundalini practices.
Life Coaching
After thousands of hours of hatha and kundalini yoga teacher trainings, a trip with my yoga teachers to India, a Masters degree in Psychology involving thousands of hours of clinical work, I discovered once again in meditation that my life puzzle was missing one piece. During my masters I learned a lot about mental health. To serve those who were of sound mind and body take their lives to the next level, I needed a different kind of experience. I moved forward with a certification in Life Coaching.
Anybody heard of Tony Robbins? As a teenager my father made me listen to several of his audio programs. I learned a lot from them back then. Once I decided to complete an education in life coaching, I looked him up and discovered that Tony had teamed up with a psychologist named Chloe Madanes and created a very comprehensive life coaching certification. I signed up and completed the course.
Where my story ends, yours begins
Finally, in meditation I fell into a peaceful state. No more credentials needed: time to get to work.