My Journey

My Journey So Far…

Something very special happens when we intentionally make a decision to change our lives.  It starts with a decision to change, an idea inside our minds and a belief that it’s possible.

There was a time when I wanted to change absolutely everything; my marriage, the country I was living in, my career, my financial situation and most importantly how I felt about myself.

These desires took me on a journey that helped me to go back to school,  deepen my spiritual practice, meet some incredible spiritual teachers, travel to India and so much more.  There have been many twists and turns in the road that have lead me here.  Lots of heartache and disappointment as well as hard work and achievement not to mention joy and happiness.

I am eternally grateful to my teachers and know that my journey would have been much longer and more difficult if I did not have their guidance.  My hope is that I can help you in this way.


Everyone needs a helping hand.

If you’re feeling lost in your life, unfulfilled, or just want to take a good life and make it outstanding my guess is that your intuition is kicking in.  Something is telling you that you are capable of more, worth more, deserve more.  I know I felt this way in the past.  At first I tried many techniques, took many different classes, read lots of books.  I tried and tried to find the answer, somewhere out there.

After many years I finally discovered that the answers are within me.  I needed help unlocking them and then reprogramming my mind to work towards a more expansive, fulfilling tomorrow.

Through numerology, yoga/meditation, therapy/coaching; INTUITION; I have taken what I have learned and created techniques to help you today, right now.  It will take effort on your part but if you’re willing I will deliver you to the “you” you have been striving to become.  There is so much happiness and bliss along the way that it will hardly seem like work at all.

“But what about my romantic relationship, my work, my relationship with my kids?” Questions like these are asked of me often.  Through this journey we will discuss all of this, understand what we can change and what we can’t. We will discover what part we play in the disharmony and work to shift what’s found in your inner world  to create the change needed in your outer world.  This will create more peace and harmony in all aspects of your life.