Journey Into You

When you enter into the workshop space you are greeted with relaxing yoga/meditative music. It starts to work on your nervous system right away to help let go of stress and get you into the headspace of transformation and healing. You can feel your outside life melting off of you as your awareness becomes more and more present.

You find your space on the floor, unroll your yoga mat and get out your meditation pillow and blanket. You
place your yoga journal and pen beside you and make sure your water bottle is nearby and properly sealed so it doesn’t spill. You are prepared to take notes, should something impactful reach your ears while you participate in the Kundalini yoga portion at the beginning of class. This is where the topic of the day will be introduced as you move through gentle yoga poses and sit in meditation, preparing to do the deeper inner work.

After a peaceful relaxation on the mat, you will be ready to take the information that was presented during yoga and integrate it into your own consciousness. This part of the class shifts and changes as the weeks go on; challenging your limiting beliefs, asking you to look more deeply at yourself and your relationships, requiring you to let go and rise up; to tell yourself the truth. Your subconscious is open, this is where the work is done, the only place where change can truly be made.

Finally you will drop into a deep meditation where your mind can process all that has come up during the class.


Wednesday mornings for six weeks.
Beginning October 20th. Ending November 24th

Three ways to participate:
– In person (space limited)
– Virtual live classes
– Access recording of live classes – take class on your own time

Location: 9440 Hollyhock Court Davie FL 33328

Journey into You is about taking time to reconnect and readjust your inner world so you have more control of what happens to you in your outer world.
Your life is a direct result of your thoughts and beliefs.
Ninety percent of the thoughts you are thinking today are the same as the thoughts you were thinking yesterday. Change can’t manifest in this environment.
Your outer world won’t change until your inner world does.
Journey into You is about Real Change Now.

You Will Experience:

* Kundalini Yoga and Theory
*Meditative Journaling
*One session students in Silence
* Deep Self Reflection
*Therapeutic Processes

For more information or to secure your spot please email or text or text 954.806.1866