Meditation and Neuroscience

When something happens to you, you create a belief based on the experience.

Your current reality is a direct result of your beliefs and behaviors.   These beliefs and behaviors are a result of neurological wiring in the brain created from your knowledge and experience on each subject. Your mind works like a computer, thoughts are the programs you use to create your life.

To create change you must first become aware of the unwanted, unconscious program you are running, and gain insight and knowledge on the subject through talk therapy. Then neuroscience is used to dive into the subconscious mind where the program originates.  This is where techniques are implemented to heal from the past and build new neurological wiring as old memorized beliefs and emotions are unwired.

Meditation is the path into the subconscious mind.

This process is called Neuroscience. It is the fastest, most effective way to change.