Developing Intuition

I have spent the better part of 20 years sitting at the foot of a spiritual teacher, learning, remembering, evolving, and becoming who I’m destined to be.   In 2000 I started reading and really dedicating my time and energy to my spiritual growth.   It was the Kundalini Yoga teacher trainings and the Numerology that really developed me into a spiritual teacher.

Yoga workshops led to over 1000 hours of yoga teacher trainings.   Through these trainings I met some of my closest friends to date.   We as yoga teachers had the privilege of going to India with our master Kundalini Yoga instructors, two women who studied under Yogi Bhajan for over 40 years.  India brought a whole new layer to my spiritual development and how I perceived the world.

What I learned from my journey thus far is that yoga doesn’t happen on the mat.  It happens in the mind.  We start with many hours on the mat but over time even if we do not practice consistently our consciousness has shifted and we see the world through new eyes.  Yogis shift into a calm neutral state and are able to function in this new age from a place of peace and flow.

To me, being spiritual means that you live in this world, go to work, raise a family, have relationships and pay bills all the while, working on your own spiritual awakening.   As this awakening occurs and deepens you find happiness in everything.  Peace, even in the chaos.  It’s possible, trust me, let me show you how.