Courses & Retreats

My passion has always been teaching.  In today’s world, teaching comes in many different formats.  I present my teachings through courses and retreats.


There are seven main topics that I speak on.  Each of these topics have been designed to be presented in course format which usually involves meeting once a week for six weeks; and retreat format (my favorite!) where I meet students in a location such as Jamaica or Mexico and we work together for four days.


Stress and My Story
We explore our perception of our lives and identify the stories we are telling ourselves which create our reality.   We identify our stress triggers and how to disarm them.  We learn to put space between a life situation and our reaction to it. We find the peace in the midst of chaos.


The Mind on Meditation
We learn to observe our thoughts, we begin to understand that we are not our minds and just because we think it doesn’t mean it’s true.  We learn about harnessing the energy of the mind to work for us. We learn details about meditation, how to do it, what happens when we do it right and what to expect from a consistent practice. We learn how to work through our emotional and physical struggles, and trauma through meditation for effective relief and change.


Healthy Relationships
A large percent of our life lessons are taught to us through relationships.  What is a healthy relationship? We explore all the different sides of your personality and your relationship with yourself. Understanding your web of relationships and how we all affect each other is an integral part of the session. Here you will learn about the four Rs (resistance, resentment, rejection, repression) and your ability to mend relationships at each stage.


Effective Communication
Recognize that we are a direct product of our thoughts and our words.  When we speak we affect ourselves and the person we are speaking to by either polluting or uplifting.  Sixty percent of all our communication is emotionally driven, this session considers what are we projecting and why? Discover the power of self-talk- rewrite your destiny, discover your hidden agendas. Experience the power of silence and deep listening


Your Lifestyle Leads to Your Success
How are you living, how do you want to live? What does your soul long for? Discover your core limiting beliefs, fears and pent up anger.  What beliefs and thought patterns did you bring from your childhood and young adult years to now? Are these beliefs supporting or crippling your growth?  You are a product of your thoughts, your habits and your beliefs; this session will help breakthrough for effective change.


Business in this New Age
Aligning yourself with your passions leads to the creation of financial abundance.  Take the work out of working, instead, find your joy and fuse it with your drive and determination.  Inspire and motivate those on your team to reach their potential even when you are not the boss. Learn the secret to creating positive productive work environments that are goal and team oriented. Understand the positive impact of conscious individualized leadership styles.


Examples of courses that include numerology are: Access the life you want through the numbers.   Numerology and my Year Cycle.  Numerology and Business.  Numerology and your Relationships.  Become a Numerologist- 10-week course.



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