Many clients that reach out to me have insight or a higher awareness we call a heightened state of consciousness.   This provokes questions such as “why am I here?” “What is my life’s purpose?” “What am I supposed to learn or focus on in this lifetime?”

Numerology is a process by which I come together with my client and through my heightened intuition and the use of an ancient science called yogic numerology as well as my knowledge and experience in yogic philosophy we enter into a process called Intuitive Counseling.

The belief is that we as souls reincarnate over and over and in each life we are meant to follow a certain path and achieve particular objectives.

Numerology  is able to help the client understand, not only what she/he is meant to do and learn about in this lifetime but also what the focus should be specifically for that client during the year.  The information shared awakens the clients intuition and this allows the client to shift his or her perspective on life as well as prepare the best way to maneuver during the year.

Many clients meet with me for one session.  We focus on their numerology, they gain the knowledge they need and they go back into their lives.

Other’s want to work on their own intuition and go deeper into their understanding of their souls purpose, in which case we meet weekly discussing their life as it pertains to their souls evolution and their numerology.   We also meditate together and gain answers from the subconscious.   Often times we look at the numerology of the people closest to them to gain insight on their relationships.

Numerology is a big part of intuitive counseling. This is where the answers to our “life’s questions” lie.

My Experience with Numerology, The Foundation of Intuitive Counseling.

I met my numerology teacher in 2003 in Toronto Canada.  He read my chart and I fell in love with numerology.  He was offering a course but recommended I take the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at the same time.  “To be successful as a numerologist you must have intuition.  Everyone has it but it needs to be sharpened; these two courses will help” he told me.

I joined, the courses took six months to complete. These courses lead me to over 20 years of teacher trainings in Kundalini Yoga,  reading numerology charts, teaching numerology to others and even writing a text book for my students who wanted to become numerologists.

Numerology has helped me so much in my own life and it has been an absolute joy to share and teach to others.  It is the foundation of intuitive counseling.