First Steps

All my life I have been fascinated with everything ‘spiritual’: from ghosts to angels, to tarot card readers and astrologers. There was an excitement and sense of deep peace that accompanied my contact with anything ‘spiritual’.

At 21 I took my first yoga class. As soon as it was over I knew I had experienced something significant. Something deep within me shifted. I heard a whisper that said: “This will always be with you; this yoga, this feeling of raising consciousness, this access to your intuition”. I knew at that moment that I had found my path, my life’s work. I had taken my first real steps on my spiritual journey.

Kundalini Yoga and Numerology

I explored many different types of yoga during the next four years while I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Wellness. I loved anything yoga, I read everything I could get my hands on and took as many classes as I could.

In 2002 I received a numerology reading in my home town, Toronto, Canada. The numerologist was a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Yogic Numerologist, who explained how these two ancient practices work together. I fell in love. And I heard a second whisper: “This is part of your path; part of your future work”.

I had no prior experience in Kundalini Yoga but wanted to be a numerologist and since the two trainings went hand in hand I immediately signed up for a yoga teacher training with his institute, and completed certification to become a Numerologist and Kundalini Yoga teacher.

Perfecting My Craft

I continued to practice kundalini yoga and numerology over the next ten years. I found that as time went on, the better at reading numbers I became. My intuition was gaining strength. As my own spirituality developed, my conversations with clients began to include not only what I saw in the numbers but also what I had learned in the hours upon hours I had spent learning from my spiritual teachers, as well as my personal experience with meditation. It wasn’t long before some of my clients were asking to see me more and more often. I loved the work. Then, the third whisper: “Therapy Life Coaching …”.