Raise Your Consiousness

First of all, what is consciousness exactly? People throw this word around in spiritual circles all the time. But what does it mean and how do we raise it?

Consciousness is your level of awareness: your ability to awaken from the illusion of form. It is defined by your ability to perceive reality. After all, just because you think something doesn’t mean it’s true. When you raise your consciousness you come out of your obsessive thoughts and into the present moment. Sometimes your mind will only let you out for a short time but the more you practice through your own spiritual work the more the veil is lifted and you are able to see life for what it really is. This discovery will change your perception of your reality, allow you to recognize thought patterns that you have that are not actually real or accurate.

It is only though personal experience that your consciousness shifts. Reading about it is an excellent way to prepare and understand what is happening but personal experience cannot be replaced by books and information.

Porthole to consciousness

Each human on the planet is capable of accessing higher levels of consciousness they just need a way in.

If we look at spiritual groups of people like the monks, the samurai, the yogis, the religious leaders or the native Indians they all have one thing in common, they meditate.

Meditation is a porthole to consciousness, it gives us access to another layer of the mind, to intuition and more importantly it gives us access to the infinite. A meditative state creates changes in our subconscious mind, helping us to clear or empty it so we carry around less emotional baggage and are able to see life as it is and not as your past experiences tell us how to perceive it.

Once we begin to raise our consciousness we realize that there are certain ways of thinking, being, acting that create more inner peace and outer harmony than what we have been doing in the past. Now we need to learn how to be, how to think, how to move through life in a different way. This is what I call consciousness training.