The Mind

How do you live your fullest potential?

We begin by undoing our unconscious programming and healing the past.

Our minds are endless storytellers.  The mind has a story for every life situation we have ever experienced.  The more we put our attention on the topic that bothers us the more deeply invested we get into the story.  Our body only knows what the mind tells it.  If we think upsetting thoughts/stories, our body will make us feel intense negative emotions and eventually we will create disease from the dis-ease of the mind.

In order to shift this we must first realize, we are not our minds or our thoughts.  To get relief from our minds we need to find stillness.  Sitting in stillness, closing our eyes and slowing our breath is the first step.  From here we learn to meditate and soon become an observer of our minds.

When we can observe our thoughts we can reprogram them.  We can heal the damage that our minds have done through unconscious thinking and feeling.  We can begin to consciously create the reality we want and stop living the memorized program of the past.