Ana Rojas Matiz

Julie is my numerology advisor. She is amazing, her knowledge, professionalism and assertiveness are incredible. Love her and I will work with her for the rest of my life!

Ana Rojas Matiz Life & Mindfulness Coach Goforitproject.com

- Ana Rojas Matiz
Love, <br><p>Sarah Schummer

Julie has been my spiritual teacher for 3 years. She is a phenomenal kundalini teacher and numerologist; her guidance and encouragement led me to delve into the knowledge and betterment kundalini yoga provides.

Her classes and workshops helped my spiritual journey by offering me the tools to alleviate the emotional burden of undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Julie truly practices what she preaches as her demeanour reflects the teachings of kundalini yoga.

I could not have imagined a better experience during the past three years.

- Love,

Sarah Schummer

Carrie Best-Larry

Words can't describe the impact that Julie has had on my life. I have been working out and practicing ways to be mentally and physically healthy basically since I was an adolescent. After years of some internal struggle and processing the loss of my mother, while becoming an adult, getting married, having a career and children I needed support and was open to finding it in an alternative way. I had never taken a yoga class before and trying Kundalini opened my heart and mind to so much!

After experimenting with Kundalini and cleansing my heart and mind, I scheduled a numerology session with Julie to learn more about my path and why I might have certain struggles. Since our first meeting, maybe 4 years ago, we have met twice a year and I have turned to Julie for support ongoing.

I have worked with many therapists and while they have helped me tremendously, they couldn't address me holistically. Frankly, what Julie is accomplishing with her practice is helping so many people, young and old, healthy and challenged.

I would recommend anyone to see Julie, she had been an inspiration to me and has brought so much richness into my life.

- Carrie Best-Larry
Sheila Danzig <br><p> Writer

I have participated in many of Julie’s workshops. Yoga/meditation is great but having assignments and a focus to go with it, like in Julie’s workshops, is a truly remarkable experience.

I have had talk therapy in the past but this went so much deeper. I actually was able to get a clear understanding of my purpose in life. This is no small task. It was a great "revelation" that resulted in great peace. Let's face it, it is the #1 question we have -- Why am I here? To find a beautiful meaningful answer has guided me and will continue to guide me for the rest of my life.

Twice, recently, when the word Kundalini comes up people have told me about the BEST teacher - guess what ... IT WAS JULIE! Everyone who I know who has had any experience with her, loves the work she does.

- Sheila Danzig


Michele Hohmann

I have always been interested in yoga, but discovering Kundalini yoga has brought an additional element to my practice. I felt a shift in my perception and understanding of life after a short time of practice. I also have been amazed at the amount of knowledge that is behind this yoga, and that lead me to explore yogic numerology. And that has also opened a door on a vast amount of knowledge that I found useful and enlightening.

A definite help in navigating the challenges that always come with life.

- Michele Hohmann
Julie Yao

The day I met Julie I knew she had a special gift. She has been an inspiration to me. The kundalini yoga has helped make a huge difference in my life and has taken me through a very difficult time. I practice it every day it helps me feel balanced and at peace. I took the numerology course and am now reading for others. My friends are loving the reading.

Julie is an exceptional teacher and has so much to offer.

- Julie Yao