Therapy/ Coaching

 What is a session with Julie like? 

While many clients reach out to me to discover ways to improve their home life, relationships and businesses; others seek support with mental health concerns.  I work to serve clients regardless of their challenges.  Some clients prefer a more traditional psycho-dynamic clinical approach to their issues calling on my skillset as a licensed therapist.  

Most times, however, therapy requires a deeper understanding of the client’s subconscious thoughts and beliefs. By incorporating meditation into the session clients can access their subconscious mind and discover limiting beliefs that are holding them back in their lives. After the meditation, a discussion follows that includes what was discovered and how to break through. This is called neuroscience. 

Breaking through is breaking free

The result of a breakthrough? Total transformation.  Clients break free of limiting beliefs, while their perspective on how they view their lives changes.

How is this achieved? 

I act as a guide, and through thought provoking questions, journaling, meditative processes and homework activities clients are able to transform. Clients leave therapy with a “tool box” of techniques that they can continue to apply in their lives for continued growth and transformation.


Helping people quickly and effectively takes intuition. First, we rely on my intuition to reveal the path to the client’s intuition, then, access is gained to the client’s intuition. This is where true transformation happens and with it a new way of looking at one’s life. With this shift, the client becomes the driver of their own life, set on the path to reach their destiny.