Therapist & Coach

Registered Mental Health Practitioner

In the early days of teaching yoga and reading numerology, I noticed that some clients were suffering from depression, grief, loss and anxiety and other mental health issues.  It only made sense to me that to really be able to help my clients I would benefit from going back to school and becoming a licensed therapist.

After four years of study and over 1000 hours of clinical work; I graduated with a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and became licensed.   During these years my interest in neuroscience increased as I saw that to really change a habit or be released from a thought pattern one must go directly into the subconscious mind and work from there.   With my background in yoga/meditation this type of work made sense and leading clients into this part of the mind came naturally to me.  I saw massive shifts in my work and great success.

Life Coaching

During my masters I learned a lot about mental health but in my therapy practice I saw that most people who were seeking me out where very high functioning individuals who wanted to break through self inflicted limitations and take their careers and personal life to the next level.   To help them I felt I needed a different kind of experience/education. I moved forward with a certification in Life/Business Coaching.  It was exactly what I was looking for, opening my eyes to another layer of helping others and giving me insight to apply tools I learned to myself.  My already very functional career and personal life reached a whole other level and I supported my clients in having the same experience.

Where my story ends, yours begins.