Third Eye Global

Designed for high functioning professionals who have established success in their fields, and are ready to step outside of the box and take their success to the next level.

There is limitless potential locked inside your subconscious. A power that has and will move you to levels of success you have only imagined.


The Third Eye Approach enables you to make the unconscious conscious. Connect to your inner world, and discover that the power to transform has been within you all along.

Using meditation and neuroscience, clients learn to re-pattern their brains, unlocking potential and developing their intuition. By harnessing intuition, perceived risks are no longer risks. Clients have the ability to create stillness within, make better decisions, feel more relaxed and experience harmony in life.


Client will work in one on one  to:

  • Dig below the surface to identify self-inflicted blocks
  • Learn proven techniques to remove those blocks and redevelop nonproductive patterns
  • Develop razor sharp intuition