Raising Consciousness Practice and Experience

What is consciousness exactly? People throw this word around in spiritual circles all the time, but what does it actually mean? What do we mean when we ‘raise consciousness’?

Consciousness is your level of awareness. It is defined by your ability to perceive reality. When you raise your consciousness you come out of your obsessive thoughts and into the present moment. With practice through your own spiritual work the more the veil is lifted and you are able to see life for what it truly is. This discovery will change your perception of your reality, and allow you to recognize thought patterns that you have that are not actually real or accurate.

It is only through personal experience this shift in consciousness can be achieved. Reading about it is an excellent way to prepare and understand what is happening, but personal experience cannot be replaced by books and information.

The videos you will find here will give you a bit of both, experience and knowledge about how to live consciously.