Yoga and Meditation

Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga, isn’t just postures. It’s yogic philosophy as it applies to today lifestyle. Kundalini Yoga focuses on using the postures to prepare the mind and body for meditation, knowing that it is in the meditation that we do the deep work that results in transformation. The philosophy we learn about involves listening to our teachers explain the yogic view on several subjects. Examples include; authentic relationship, how to use meditation to deal with stress and anxiety and how the mind works when exposed to meditation. We look at lifestyles, cycles of life, age, how to communicate consciously and much, much more. We are trained to view life through awakened eyes, through consciousness.
Yogi Bhajan is the spiritual master who came from India in the 1960s and taught Kundalini Yoga to us. His mission was to create teachers. Yogi Bhajan had a PhD in Psychology, used what he learned and applied it to the ancient yoga teachings to help us learn to move into a higher state of consciousness while living in the “real” world. He was also a numerologist and taught my teacher in Canada who in turn, taught me.
These teachings have become part of who I am. I have been able to apply them to my life, see my life transform and conflicts in my mind disappear. I now move through life in peace and harmony. I am able to manifest the things I want and break free of the things that no longer serve me. People notice, they want to do it too and I want to help them. I want to help you.