Yogic Numerology

What’s in my numbers?

Yogic Numerology is an ancient science that uses a name and birthdate to create a blueprint to the person’s life. This blueprint helps us to understand what lessons we have chosen to learn in this lifetime, what challenges and assets are specific to us and how to use these to navigate through life. An additional calculation is used to reveal a person’s year cycle – to help us to better understand where to focus our energy and why certain life situations flow freely while others feel stuck.

Imagine knowing where and when to focus your energy? What you are destined to achieve? What your true potential is? Let’s work together to unlock the power of this ancient science of Yogic Numerology to help you live your truest life.

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A reading will help you discover:

– Who you are

– What you are here to learn

– What you are here to accomplish

– Your soul’s true path

– Where you are on your journey

How I can Help You Live Your Truest Life

As a numerologist and kundalini yoga teacher, I am able to prescribe yoga sets and meditations to help you break through blocks and heal from past life issues. Together we work with your spiritual blue print to determine your cycle and direction. We uncoil your power using the power of Yogic Numerology – the power to unlock your intended potential.

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